Guam Overflight Permit and Ground Handling

Guam Overflight and Landing Permits

Guam Overflight And Landing Permits :

  • Overflight Permit : Overfly permits are an essential part of any flight from origin to destination, we offer complete trip support and can be able to arrange short notice permits.

  • Landing Permit : We have direct contacts with worldwide Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) and on some country on which CAA only allow to process permit through local agents we have a very professional local representative team available to support our valued customers so that we would be able to arrange landing permits on short term notice period.

Our services include international trip planning, overflight permits, landing permits, traffic permits, ground handling, realtime flight watch, jeta1 fuel, catering uplift, weather & notams, crew hotel and any other services requested by airline / operator.

We Offer Below Permits Category :

  • Charter Overflight Permits
  • Monthly Block Permits (Scheduled Airlines)
  • Seasonal Block Overflight Permits (Scheduled Airlines)
  • Charter or Private Landing Permits
  • Charter or Private Airport Parking Slot Arrangement

What Information Require To Obtain Guam Overflight Permits :

  • Overfly via Australia territory "Overfly Permit Not Required"
  • Flight Plan should be filed 2 hour before departure from origin

Guam Sample Overflight Permits :

The issued overflight permit number must be insert in Item 18 of your submiting Flight Plan.

  • Sample Permit Format
Guam Overfly Permit : There will be No Specific Overflight Permit Number.

Is There Any Offical Guam Overflight Permit Processing Fees :

  • According To Guam Civil Aviation
Officially there is "NO CAA Processing Fees" applied for issuance of Guam Overflight Permits.

What Is Guam Overflight Permit Validity :

  • To Overfly Guam Airspace "Overflight Permit Not Required"

Who Will Issue Guam Overflight Permits :

  • Guam Civil Aviation Authority (ACCA)
  • Postal Address : Guam Civil Aviation Authority, Guam.

Who Is Responsible For Guam Overflight Air Navigation Bill :

  • Guam CAA will issue air navigation bill directly to Airline/Operator through "IATA".

What Is Guam Civil Aviation Authority Working Hours :

  • Guam Civil Aviation Authority working hours ( 2100Z ) till ( 0400Z ).
  • Weekend In Guam ( Saturday and Sunday )

International Trip Support Services
We are world wide trip support service provider, our proficient flight support team is offering trip support services to any International & Domestic Airports across the globe along with their expertise, we offer our 24/7 professional flight support team available to take care of your flights to mongolia covering...

Flight Planning, Overfly Permits, Ground Handling, Flight Catering, JetA1 Fuel, Crew Hotel

Ground Handling Services :

We understand that by the time, high quality and customized ground handling services, at the best price, are the key elements of a successful flight, whether it is an ad-hoc or scheduled flight, we make sure the aircraft, its crew, passengers and cargo are taken care from its landing to take off. We offer our customers an integrated range of high-quality cargo, ramp, passenger, fuel stop services within Guam and various locations across the globe.

Micronesia Overflight Permits

Micronesia Overflight Permits Micronesia overflight permits approval required for all airlines, private jets, air ambulance, cargo and passenger flights, permits can also be arranged on short notice.

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Australia Overflight Permits

Australia Overflight Permits Australia overflight permits approval required for all airlines, private jets, air ambulance, cargo and passenger flights, permits can also be arranged on short notice.

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Comprehensive Flight Support Services :

Our highly professional flight support team with more than 15 years’ experience have the commercial technical and regulatory knowledge with expertise which enables us to handle your flight in the shortest possible time at any civil airport in Guam, to help reduce the inconveniences of international flights such as obtaining Guam overflight & landing permits, escorting of passengers, crew through customs and immigration. Arranging other services by third-party suppliers. In addition, we adhere to strict operating and customer service standards that result in consistent, professional and personalized service at every location we serve. We can tailor our products to the specific needs of each of our customers, offering all or a mix of services, we backed by over hundreds of trained agents and handlers worldwide with a dedicated team of professionals is committed to safety, customer satisfaction, and quality, we always have a solution if you can harness the right resources. Our operations center with its 20 strong team strengths of dispatchers and flight coordinators is on duty 24/7 to meet your every need.

Travel Information :

  • City : Tanguisson Beach
The secluded Tanguisson Beach is loved for its naturalistic beauty and rugged terrain. Ideal for reef snorkeling and seaside hikes, this treasured sandy haunt is a popular spot. Setting Tanguisson apart from Guam’s many other pristine sands is the mesmerizing view it offers of the gigantic rock formations out in the ocean.
  • City : Sharks Cove Beach
One for adventurous sun-seekers, Sharks Cove Beach can only be reached by a half hour -sometimes tricky- coastal hike. The secluded sands that await you, are completely worth the extra bit of effort though. With not a house insight, hermit crabs are the most populous creature on this beach. The trail to the cove starts at the bottom of the cliff visible from Tanguisson Beach Park; from here the walk follows the coastline to the hidden spot. Be sure to wear protective shoes for the hike and a snorkel is recommended for those wishing to enjoy the clear turquoise waters at their finest.
  • City : Inarajan Pools Beach
The perfect spot for first-time snorkelers to get acquainted with their equipment, the natural salt water pools at Inarajan are shaded from the waves so there is never more than a slight ripple in the waters here. The pools offer a mixture of shallow waters for relaxing in and deeper depths below the high diving platform. For anyone that is slightly intimidated by the vastness and unknown nature of the sea, this is fantastic opportunity to swim with Guam’s colorful tropical fish in shallower, current-free waters. Covered picnic areas and barbecue pits surround the pools too, making Inarajan the perfect location for a family day out.
  • City : Ritidian Point
Arguably the most widely spoken about beach in the whole of Guam, Ritidian Point lies at the northernmost part of the island. It’s a national wildlife refuge which means it is incredibly well looked after. Encompassed by jungle and limestone cliffs, the reef line is prone to rip currents so be sure to take care when snorkeling.
  • City : Talafofo Beach
Greatly loved by those who prefer stone to sand, Talafofo is a rocky beach right by the Talafofo River Bridge. Often compared to San Francisco Bay, this nook of water is outlined by a protective rock levy making for a perfect twilight photo. The colors that make up Talafofo are truly stunning. The mix of black stone, green palm trees, bright blue sea and the rainbow coral make give this bay a meditative feel. Combine a trip to Talafofo Beach with a visit to Talafofo Falls Park. Here visitors can explore Guam’s waterfalls and caves and take a ride in a cable car for a panoramic view of the island.
  • City : Agana Bay Beach
Ideal for families and anyone wanting to play beach games or go for a jog along the water’s edge, Agana Bay Beach is a lengthy stretch of easily-accessed sand. The shallow reef lagoon is also a fantastic spot for tranquil snorkeling and the local fisherman catching octopus nearby make for great entertainment too. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes along the beachfront so visitors don’t need to worry about running out of supplies.
  • City : Gab Gab Beach
Situated inside the US Navy fence line, beach dwellers need either their own base access or to be with somebody who has base access to be permitted entrance to Gab Gab Beach. It is well worth putting in the effort to find somebody who is able to take you to Gab Gab as it’s never very crowded and it is an incredible area for both snorkeling and scuba-diving. Turtles and reef fish swim around in their masses and coconut crabs are also known to nest here. If you’re visiting with a big group of friends, the beach volleyball court is also be great fun – and a fantastic way to meet new people too.
  • City : Tagachang Beach
Anyone really longing to escape from the world and have a beach to themselves should head to Tagachang Beach. Far more rugged looking than many of the white sandy beaches that line most of Guam, Tagachang is remote but inviting. The shallow waters are kept calm thanks to the great outer reefs that break the surf before it reaches the shore; this a safe spot to swim and thus perfect for children and less confident swimmers. Situated on the south-east side of the island, there are no buses to Tagachang so you’ll need to travel by car or taxi.
  • City : Gun Beach
An amazing dive site by day and by night, Gun Beach has steep reef sides as well as a cable trench leading into the deeper water. As well as offering breathtaking views underwater, Gun Beach also provides an unbeatable view of the infamous Two Lovers Point. Reputedly one of the best places on the island to watch the sunset, Gun beach is a bit of a romantic spot. It even has its own Beach Bar.
  • City : Matapang Beach
Another great beach for families, there is always a lifeguard manning the watchtower at Matapang Beach making it a safe spot to swim. On calm days, the local rowing team sets out from Matapang Beach and as they get into a rhythm they will often begin ancient, hypnotic chants. Just as well known for its white sand and transparent waters as for the row boats, Matapang Beach is beautiful all year round and the barbecue pits and covered seating areas mean visitors can comfortably stay here all day.

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