MGGT GUA Guatemala City Ground Handling Services

With over a decade of experience, we are a trusted provider of flight support services. For seamless MGGT GUA landing permits, efficient ground handling, and hassle-free Guatemala overflight services, contact us today. Send your request to for rapid and professional assistance. Our team is dedicated to providing swift and reliable aviation solutions to meet all your operational needs in Guatemala.

We Can Provide Below Ground Handling Services :

  • 1 - Passenger Flights - Part 91 & Part 135
  • 2 - Ambulance Flights
  • 3 - Fuel Stop Flights
  • 4 - Ferry Delivery Flights
  • 5 - Humanitarian Relief Flights
  • 6 - Cargo Charter Flights
  • 7 - Helicopter Flights
  • 8 - Airline Diversion Management

Aerodrome Geographical and Administrative Data

  • IATA Airport Code : GUA
  • ICAO Airport Code : MGGT
  • Airport Type : Joint Civil / Military
  • Airport Hours : 24 Hours
  • Control Tower : 24 Hours
  • Latitude : N14-35.0
  • Longitude : W090-31.7
  • Elevation : 4952ft
  • Customs : YES
  • Immigration : YES
  • Time : UTC-6.00
  • Operating Hours : H24
  • Runway : 02/20 9800 x 197 ft

Airport Communications
  • Guatemala ATIS : 127.650 MHz
  • Guatemala Ground : 121.900 MHz
  • Control Tower : 118.100 MHz

MGGT GUA Landing Permit Requirements

  • To be Advise

Crew Hotel Available In Guatemala City

  • Barcelo Guatemala City ( 05 Minute Drive From Airport )
  • Cortijaoreforma ( 10 Minute Drive From Airport )
  • Grand Tikal Futura ( 15 Minute Drive From Airport )
  • Holiday Inn Guatemala ( 10 Minute Drive From Airport )
  • Radisson Guatemala City ( 05 Minute Drive From Airport )
  • Real Intercontinental ( 10 Minute Drive From Airport )
  • Westin Camino Real ( 05 Minute Drive From Airport )

Crew Visa Requirments

  • Crew visas are issued upon arrival on gendec and it will be usually valid for a limited period up to 72 hours.

MGGT GUA Jet A1 Fuel Uplift Arrangement

MGGT GUA JetA1 Fuel Uplift GuatemalaWe are committed to delivering aviation jet fuel on time, every time. Our competitive pricing and exceptional service make us a trusted partner in the industry. With our network contracting options, refueling your aircraft is convenient and hassle-free, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters: your operations.

Our mission is clear: to be the most reliable provider of aviation jet fuel. We achieve this through continuous expansion and strict quality control at every stage, from production to delivery. Our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure that our fuel services are always available when you need them. Count on us for consistent, top-quality fuel services that exceed your expectations.

When you need fuel, simply contact our Flight Support Team. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to assist you, providing personalized support to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a detailed fuel quotation or a comprehensive fuel uplift arrangement, we handle it all with precision and efficiency. Once we receive confirmation from the fuel supplier, we will issue a Fuel Release promptly, ensuring a smooth and efficient process that keeps your operations running seamlessly.

La Aurora Int'l Airport Ground Handling

MGGT GUA Landing Permits Ground Handling Guatemala
  • Landing Permit
  • Airport Slot Arrangement
  • Flight Supervision
  • Live Flights Status
  • Real Time Flight Tracking Service
  • Airside Transportation ( Crew/Pax )
  • Aircraft Refueling Coordination
  • Flight Catering
  • Crew Hotel Arrangement
  • Crew Transport To/From Hotel
  • Live Flight Watch
  • Settlement of CAA/Airport Charges
  • Departure Flight Plan Filling
  • Weather & NOTAM Briefings
  • Arrival / Departure General Declaration Clearance from Government Authorities
  • Security Arrangements (for Pax/Crew & Aircraft - If Required )
  • The above services are available in any combination to suit your needs
  • Provision of ground handling services for all types of aircrafts through authorized ground handling companies at any location in Guatemala

  • MGGT, GUA, La Aurora International Airport :
Our comprehensive flight support services can be provided at La Aurora Airport in Guatemala, providing the utmost peace of mind for all of our customers.
Common Flight Dispatcher Question About Guatemala Overflight
Overfly permits are an essential part of any flight from origin to destination, we offer Guatemala overflight permit and can be able to arrange short notice permits.

Question : What Information Require To Obtain Guatemala Overflight Clearance ?
Answer : Complete Flight Schedule, etc...

Question : Guatemala Sample Overflight Permits ?
Answer : Guatemala Overfly Permit : GNA001 724/19, etc...

Question : Is There Any Offical Guatemala Overflight Permit Processing Fees ?
Answer : Officially there is "NO CAA Processing Fees" applied for issuance of Guatemala Overflight Permit.", etc...

Question : What Is Guatemala Overflight Permit Validity ?
Answer : Overflight Permits Valid For "72 Hours" (from its initial requested schedule).", etc...

Question : How Many FIR's In Guatemala Airspace ?
Answer : Guatemala FIR ICAO Code is " MGGT ", etc...

Question : Who Will Issue Guatemala Overfly Permits ?
Answer : Guatemala Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA), etc...

Question : Who Is Responsible For Guatemala Overflight Air Navigation Bill ?
Answer : Guatemala CAA will issue air navigation bill directly to the local agent who submit overflight permit request, etc...

Question : What Is Guatemala Civil Aviation Authority Working Hours ?
Answer : Guatemala Civil Aviation Authority working hours ( 1300Z ) till ( 2100Z ), etc...

We have global ground handling agreements network with our professional and proactive local representative across the globe. Our local representatives are always available to facilitate our valuable customer flights from arrival till departure, our professional flight support team will continuously monitor the flights to ensure the finest quality of our services.

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