DXXX LFW Ground Handling In Togo

We are having a dedicated professional flight support team and our main motive is customer satisfaction and quality flight support services, our flight support team having local knowledge and expertise to reduce the inconveniences of international travel such as obtaining dxxx landing permits, dxxx ground handling arrangements, escorting vip passengers for smooth arrival/departure facilitate crew through customs and immigration, and arranging other services through third party suppliers. In addition, we adhere strict customer service operating standards that result in consistent professional growth, we maintain our high-quality service standred at DXXX LFW Landing Permits Ground Handling Togo

  • DXXX, LFW, Lome Tokoin Airport :
Our comprehensive flight support services can be provided at DXXX/LFW Lome Tokoin Airport in Togo, providing the utmost peace of mind for all of our customers.

We Can Provide Below Ground Handling Services :

  • 1 - Passenger Flights ( Part 91 & Part 135 )
  • 2 - Ambulance Flights
  • 3 - Fuel Stop Flights
  • 4 - Ferry Delivery Flights
  • 5 - Humanitarian Relief Flights
  • 6 - Cargo Charter Flights
  • 7 - Helicopter Flights
  • 8 - Schedule Airline Diversion Management Program

Aerodrome Geographical and Administrative Data :

  • IATA Code : LFW
  • ICAO Code : DXXX
  • Latitude : N06-10.0
  • Longitude : E001-15.3
  • Elevation : 71ft
  • Customs : YES
  • Immigration : YES
  • Time : UTC+0.00
  • Operating Hours : AD HS & O/R; Admin 0700-1500L & O/R
  • Runway : 22 / 04 148 × 9847 ft
  • Jet Fuel : JetA1 | AvGas ( Contact Us : fuel@flytag.co )
  • Hotel Available : De la Paix | Avenida | Corinthia 2 Fevrier

DXXX Airport Communications :

  • Area Control Center :
  • Approach :
  • ATIS :
  • Ground Control :
  • Control Tower : 120.7 MHz

DXXX LFW Jet A1 Fuel Uplift Arrangement :

DXXX LFW JetA1 Fuel Uplift Algeria

Timely delivery of aviation jet fuel, fair pricing, high quality service and the potential for network contracting allowing to refuel aircrafts, The company's target is to become the best and relibale choice for aviation jet fuel consumers by ensuring, consistent expansion and strict quality control from production to delivery.

  • A request will be sent to our Flight Support Team for a fuel quotation (if required) and/or fuel uplift arrangement.
  • Fuel Release will be sent to the customer once we will get confirmation from fuel supplier.

Ground Support Services Coverage:

  • Landing Permit
  • Airport Slot Arrangement
  • Flight Supervision
  • Airside Transportation ( Crew/Pax )
  • Aircraft Refueling Coordination
  • Flight Catering
  • Crew Hotel Arrangement
  • Crew Transport To/From Hotel
  • Live Flight Watch
  • Settlement of CAA/Airport Charges
  • Departure Flight Plan Filling
  • Weather & NOTAM Briefings
  • Arrival / Departure General Declaration Clearance from Government Authorities
  • Security Arrangements (for Pax/Crew & Aircraft - If Required )
  • The above services are available in any combination to suit your needs
  • Provision of dxxx ground handling services for all types of aircrafts through authorized ground handling companies at any location in Togo

We have global ground handling agreements network with our professional and proactive local representative across the globe. Our local representatives are always available to facilitate our valuable customer flights from arrival till departure, our professional flight support team will continuously monitor the flights to ensure the finest quality of our services.

DXXX LFW Landing Permits Ground Handling Togo

DXXX LFW Ground Handling Services

DXXX/LFW - Lome Tokoin International Airport Ground Handling

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