Pakistan Overflight and Landing Permits

Pakistan Overflight Permits

Our proficient flight support team offering a wide range of complete aviation support services to any international and domestic airports in Pakistan along with their expertise above and below the wings in order to simplify single window operation. We can arrange Pakistan Overflight And Landing Permits for passenger charter flights, cargo airlines, scheduled airline seasonal block permits directly from Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan according to their legal time frame. Our services include international trip planning, overflight permits, landing permits, traffic permits, ground handling, realtime flight watch, jeta1 fuel, catering uplift, weather & notams, crew hotel and any other services requested by airline / operator.

We Offer Below Permits Category :

  • Charter Overflight Permits
  • Monthly Block Permits (Scheduled Airlines)
  • Seasonal Block Overflight Permits (Scheduled Airlines)
  • Charter or Private Landing Permits
  • Charter or Private Airport Parking Slot Arrangement

What Information Require To Obtain Pakistan Overflight Permits :

  • Complete Flight Schedule
  • Lead Passenger Details
  • Entry/Exit Points
  • Crew Details
  • Aircraft Documents [ Coa, Coi, Con, Cor, Aoc If The Aircraft Is Under An Aoc ]
  • Consignee & Consigner Details (Only For Cargo Flight)

Pakistan Sample Overflight Permit :

The issued overflight permit number must be inserted in Item 18 of your submitting Flight Plan.

  • Sample Permit Format
Pakistan Overflight Permit : RMK/PAKISTAN OVF NS 1901-0130 DTD 02/01/2019

What Is Pakistan Overflight Permit Validity :

  • Overflight Permits Valid For 72 Hours (from its initial requested schedule).

Who Will Issue Pakistan Overflight and Landing Permit :

  • Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA)
  • Postal Address : Headquarters Civil Aviation Authority Terminal 1 Building Karachi Airport, Pakistan

Who Is Responsible For Pakistan Air Navigation Bill :

  • Pakistan CAA will issue air navigation bill directly to the local agent who submit overflight permit request.

What Is Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority Working Hours :

  • Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority working hours ( 0400Z ) till ( 1200Z ).
  • Weekend In Pakistan ( Saturday and Sunday )

Ground Handling Services :

We understand that by the time, high quality and customized ground handling services, at the best price, are the key elements of a successful flight, whether it is an ad-hoc or scheduled flight, we make sure the aircraft, its crew, passengers and cargo are taken care from its landing to take off. We offer our customers an integrated range of high-quality cargo, ramp, passenger, fuel stop services within Pakistan and various locations across the globe.

Afghanistan Overflight Permits

Afghanistan Overflight Permits Afghanistan overflight and landing permits require prior approval all airlines, private jets, air ambulance, cargo flights, passenger flights.

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India Overflight Permits

India Overflight Permits Overfly permits are essential part of any flight from origin to destination, we offer complete trip support and can be able to arrange short notice permits.

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International Trip Support Services :

Our highly professional flight support team with more than 15 years’ experience have the commercial technical and regulatory knowledge with expertise which enables us to handle your flight in the shortest possible time at any civil airport in Pakistan, to help reduce the inconveniences of international flights such as obtaining Pakistan overflight & landing permits, escorting of passengers, crew through customs and immigration. Arranging other services by third-party suppliers. In addition, we adhere to strict operating and customer service standards that result in consistent, professional and personalized service at every location we serve. We can tailor our products to the specific needs of each of our customers, offering all or a mix of services, we backed by over hundreds of trained agents and handlers worldwide with a dedicated team of professionals is committed to safety, customer satisfaction, and quality, we always have a solution if you can harness the right resources. Our operations center with its 20 strong team strengths of dispatchers and flight coordinators is on duty 24/7 to meet your every need.

Non-Schedule - Pakistan Overflight Permits, Landing Permits Requirement :

(Below information is extracted from Pakistan CAA web publication)

In pursuance to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed at Chicago on 7th December 1944 (Chicago Conventions), Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) issues the following types of flight permissions to foreign registered aircraft subject to the conditions specified hereunder:

  • Pakistan Overflight Permit/Landing Permits
  • Helicopter flight/aerial photography/aerial spray/low flying by fixed wing aircraft
  • Operations to joint users/disused airfield
  • VVIP or VIP flight permission

Pakistan Overflight Permits & Technical Landing Permissions :

The permission for non-schedule flights will only be given to Authorized Flight Permission Agents (AFPA) as per CAAO-001-ATNR-1.0. For obtaining approvals, operators shall apply to Director Air Transport via On-line Air Transport Flight Management System (ATFMS)

Conditions For Passenger/Business Charter Flights :

Details of passengers on board, their passport no. nationality, address & contact numbers in Pakistan.

  • Purpose of travel.
  • Aircraft Specification
  • Copy of AOC with validity
  • Copy of AWC with validity
  • Confirmation of comprehensive insurance coverage (hull, pax, crew & third party) as per ICAO Montréal convention 1999
  • Tentative stay of each passenger in Pakistan & proposed date of departure
  • Details of any cargo on board
  • For business charter flights confirmation letter of invitation from the inviting organization, company or a person i.e. receiving party details.

Condition For Cargo Charter Flights :

Specific details of cargo on board

  • Aircraft Specification
  • Copy of AOC with validity.
  • Copy of AWC with validity.
  • Confirmation of comprehensive insurance coverage (hull, passengers, crew & third party) as per ICAO Montréal Convention 1999
  • Helicopter Flight/Aerial Photography / Aerial Spray / Low Flying By Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Permission for helicopter flight/ Aerial photography / Aerial spray flights or low flying by fixed wing aircraft operating at an altitude below 10000 ft shall be issued in coordination with concerned security agencies for which at least 15 days notice is required.

Demonstration Flight :

Operator is to request for landing permits for demonstration flight by foreign registered civil aircraft at least 10 days in advance.
Permission will be issued in coordination with concerned security agencies.

VVIP or VIP Flight Permission :

Landing Permits for VVIP or VIP flights shall be processed through Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Islamabad Pakistan for prior approval of the Federal Government through diplomatic channels.

  • Landing Permit will be issued on receipt of the concurrence from MOFA by Air Transport Directorate, CAA.

Military Flight Clearances

Clearances for all military flights operated by military aircraft and to military/civil airfields are given by Air Headquarters, their address is as under :

  • Directorate of Air Intelligence, Air Headquarters
  • PAF Complex, Sector E-9, Islamabad
  • Tele: 92-051-9507419
  • Fax: 92-051-9263123

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