Nepal Overflight Permit and Ground Handling

Nepal Overflight and Landing Permits

Nepal Overflight And Landing Permits :

  • Overflight Permit : Overfly permits are an essential part of any flight from origin to destination, we offer complete trip support and can be able to arrange short notice permits.

  • Landing Permit : We have direct contacts with worldwide Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) and on some country on which CAA only allow to process permit through local agents we have a very professional local representative team available to support our valued customers so that we would be able to arrange landing permits on short term notice period.

Our services include international trip planning, overflight permits, landing permits, traffic permits, ground handling, realtime flight watch, jeta1 fuel, catering uplift, weather & notams, crew hotel and any other services requested by airline / operator.

We Offer Below Permits Category :

  • Charter Overflight Permits
  • Monthly Block Permits (Scheduled Airlines)
  • Seasonal Block Overflight Permits (Scheduled Airlines)
  • Charter or Private Landing Permits
  • Charter or Private Airport Parking Slot Arrangement

What Information Require To Obtain Nepal Overflight Permits :

  • Complete Flight Schedule
  • Entry/Exit & Ats Routing
  • Lead Passenger Details ( Only for Passenger Flight )
  • Consignee And Consigner Details (Only For Cargo Flights)
  • List Of Required Aircraft Documents :
    1 - Air Operating Certificate ( Private Aircraft AOC Not Required )
    2 - Certificate of Airworthiness
    3 - Insurance Certificate
    4 - Noise Certificate
    5 - Registration Certificate

  • Insurance Certificate Covering Third Party Liability, with a minimum coverage of ( 60 Million USD )
  • Special Remarks : Simulator Certificate Is Not Mandatory For Overflight Permit Request.

    • Below Additional Documents Required for VNKT Landing Permit Processing.
  • Simulator Certificate Of Pilot In Command (PIC) For VNKT Airport Of SID / STAR And Maps.
  • If Simulator Certificate Is Not Available, Navigator Can Be Arranged With Prior Notice Of 4-5 Days
  • English Language Certificate Of PIC (If Non-Native English Speaker)
  • Pilot's License Certificate Copy
  • Nepal Sample Overflight Permits :

    The issued overflight permit number must be inserted in Item 18 of your submitting Flight Plan.

    • Sample Permit Format
    Nepal Overflight Permit : To Be Advise.

    Is There Any Offical Nepal Overflight Permit Processing Fees :

    • According To Nepal Civil Aviation
    Officially there is "NO CAA Processing Fees" applied for issuance of Nepal Overflight Permit.

    What Is Nepal Overflight Permit Validity :

    • Overflight Permits Valid For "72 Hours" (from its initial requested schedule).

    Who Will Issue Nepal Overflight Permits :

    • Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)
    • Postal Address : Civil Aviation Authority Babarmahal Kathmandu, Nepal

    Who Is Responsible For Nepal Overflight Air Navigation Bill :

    • Nepal CAA will issue air navigation bill directly to Airline/Operator.

    What Is Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Working Hours :

    • Nepal Civil Aviation Authority working hours ( 0400Z ) till ( 1200Z ).
    • Weekend In Nepal ( Saturday and Sunday )

    International Trip Support Services
    We are world wide trip support service provider, our proficient flight support team is offering trip support services to any International & Domestic Airports across the globe along with their expertise, we offer our 24/7 professional flight support team available to take care of your flights to mongolia covering...

    Flight Planning, Overfly Permits, Ground Handling, Flight Catering, JetA1 Fuel, Crew Hotel

    Ground Handling Services :

    We understand that by the time, high quality and customized ground handling services, at the best price, are the key elements of a successful flight, whether it is an ad-hoc or scheduled flight, we make sure the aircraft, its crew, passengers and cargo are taken care from its landing to take off. We offer our customers an integrated range of high-quality cargo, ramp, passenger, fuel stop services within Nepal and various locations across the globe.

    China Overflight Permits

    China Overflight Permits China overflight permits approval required for all airlines, private jets, air ambulance, cargo and passenger flights, permits can also be arranged on short notice.

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    India Overflight Permits

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    International Trip Support Services :

    Our highly professional flight support team with more than 15 years’ experience have the commercial technical and regulatory knowledge with expertise which enables us to handle your flight in the shortest possible time at any civil airport in Nepal, to help reduce the inconveniences of international flights such as obtaining Nepal overflight & landing permits, escorting of passengers, crew through customs and immigration. Arranging other services by third-party suppliers. In addition, we adhere to strict operating and customer service standards that result in consistent, professional and personalized service at every location we serve. We can tailor our products to the specific needs of each of our customers, offering all or a mix of services, we backed by over hundreds of trained agents and handlers worldwide with a dedicated team of professionals is committed to safety, customer satisfaction, and quality, we always have a solution if you can harness the right resources. Our operations center with its 20 strong team strengths of dispatchers and flight coordinators is on duty 24/7 to meet your every need.

    Travel Information :

    Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is located mainly in the Himalayas but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain.
    • Kathmandu
    Colorful Kathmandu is a must-see on any trip to Nepal. The capital city is a hugely popular tourist destination, despite huge amounts of damage from the 2015 earthquake, and for good reason. There are so many sights to see within the city, including the Buddhist temple Swayambhunath, the remains of the Hanuman Dhoka, and Golden Temple (or Kwa Bahal), a Buddhist monastery. The sometimes chaotic city is full of smells, sounds, and people, and the streets are always packed with rickshaws and slow-moving traffic. Kathmandu is a fun place to spend a few dizzyingly wonderful days.
    • Lumbini
    Lumbini is one of the most historically important towns in Nepal, as it is home to the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, in 563 BC, as well as some of the country’s most important archeological finds that date back to the third century BC. You can visit Lumbini’s peaceful monasteries in the wooded park or spend time relaxing in the gardens. Interestingly, the area around Lumbini is predominantly Muslim, but the city is an important place for Buddhist pilgrims from around the world. A newly designed religious park is a long-time work in progress meant to revitalize the often-forgotten city. You could spend a few hours exploring the small area of Lumbini or you could spend days basking in the city’s peaceful vibes.
    • Pokhara
    Pokhara was one of the few towns that was virtually untouched by the 2015 earthquake. Situated on the shoreline of a peaceful Lake Phewa, the city is embedded with beautiful natural scenery, like the dramatic, snow-capped Annapurna Massif and the surrounding mountain range. Pokhara is known as a popular site for adventure sports like paragliding and other fun activities like paddle boating on the calm lake water.
    • Janakpur
    Janakpur is the birthplace of the goddess Sita and the place where she married the god Ram (Vishnu in mortal form). The city’s central temple, Janaki Mandir, is a guaranteed stop on any Hindu pilgrimage tour, though few tourists visit the area. One of the only other attractions in the city is the site of Nepal’s only railway and railhead. Located very near the Indian border, the small, holy city has a strong Indian influence.
    • Ilam
    Ilam is Nepal’s tea district because of its perfect tea-growing conditions—cool and moist air for most of the year—and the country’s first tea estate was established here in 1864. Tea gardens cover the ridge above the town and drop down along the steep far side of the mountain. Watch the pickers work between April and November, or just come to Ilam to taste the tea, take some hikes in the mountains, or go birdwatching.

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