Mozambique Overflight Permit and Ground Handling

Any business jet aircraft operator or commercial airline that intends to overfly Mozambique aerospace required prior overflight permits approval,

As a flight dispatcher, you may need some pre-flight information about Mozambique overflight and landing permits and their requirement.

Some key points that must be considered when accepting a flight :

  1. The most important thing is CAA working hours, do they work on weekends?
  2. What aircraft document, you may need to submit overfly request?
  3. Are there any permit processing fees set by the Mozambique civil aviation authority?
  4. What will be the official overfly permit validity as per the concerned authority?
  5. How airline will get Mozambique air navigation bill from IATA or through a local agent?

What Information Is Required To Obtain A Mozambique Overflight Permits :

  • Complete Flight Schedule
  • Entry Point and Exit Point
  • Lead Passenger Details ( Only for Passenger Flight )
  • Crew Details or Gendec
  • Consignee and Consigner Details (Only for Cargo Flights)
  • Aircraft Documents [ AOC, COA, COI, CON, COR, ]

Mozambique Sample Overflight Permits :

The issued overflight permit number must be inserted in Item 18 of your submiting Flight Plan.

  • Sample Permit Format
Mozambique Overflight Permit : DRE/1799/2020

Is There Any Offical Mozambique Overflight Permit Processing Fees :

  • According To Mozambique Civil Aviation
Officially there is "NO CAA Processing Fees" applied for issuance of Mozambique Overflight Permits.

What Is Mozambique Overflight Permit Validity :

  • Mozambique overflight permits are valid for +72 hours (from their initial requested schedule).

How Many FIR's In Mozambique Airspace :

  • Airspace of Mozambique is currently having one flight information region (FIR).
  • Mozambique FIR ICAO Code is " FQBE "

Who Will Issue Mozambique Overflight Permits :

  • Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority
  • Postal Address : Instituto de Aviacao Civil de Moçambique - IACM PO Box 227. Maputo, Mozambique.

Who Is Responsible For Mozambique Overflight Air Navigation Bill :

  • Mozambique CAA will issue air navigation bill directly to Airline/Operator.

What Is Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority Working Hours :

  • Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority working hours ( 0530Z ) till ( 1330Z ).
  • Weekend In Mozambique ( Saturday and Sunday )

We Offer Below Mozambique Overflight and Landing Permits Category :

  • Charter and Private Operator Services
  • Overflight Permits
  • Cargo Flight Overfly Permits
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Monthly Block Permits
  • Seasonal Block Overflight Permits
  • Overfly Country Navigation Settlement
  • Business Jets and Airliners Services
  • Landing Permits
  • Airport Parking Slot Arrangement
Mozambique Overflight and Landing Permits
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Cost-Effective Overflight Permits

Our skilled flight support team provides extensive international travel support services for flight clearance requirements in Mozambique airspace.

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Cost-Effective Landing Permits

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Before applying for an overflight permit, please refer to the following details that may help you understand.

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Travel Information :

  • Bazaruto Archipelago
There’s nothing quite like the Bazaruto Archipelago. A speckling of elongated isles in the Indian Ocean, they are a patchwork of shimmering, aquamarine seas and coral gardens, windblown sand dunes and ochre-hued coastal hills that come peppered with scrub and swaying coconut palm groves.
  • Maputo
Mozambique’s handsome capital is a lesson in all things colonial. It was raised to the place of first city after the Portuguese drained the surrounding swampland. Then it was just a case of building the grand, imperial likes of the railway station, the pretty Casa do Ferro (courtesy of one Gustav Eiffel no less!) and rings of wide boulevards peppered with palm trees a la the Algarve – bingo you’ve got yourself a small enclave of Europe in Africa! However, Maputo has long been reclaimed by the locals here, and today the town is known for its enthralling bazaars that pulse with chatter and burst with East African batik, its raucous hip hop bars, and that mouthwatering fusion of Keralan and Arabic foods in the eateries!
  • Pemba
Pemba crowns the tip of its very own peninsular on the coastal reaches of Cabo Delgado. Known for its gorgeous colonial architecture and pretty Portuguese-style frontispieces, it does well to conceal the more industrial areas that have popped up here of late. However, the city never really was the pull. That honour goes to the strings of pearly-white African beaches that run along the shoreline nearby. These magnetise huge crowds with their tropical sun and swaying palms, while the shimmering (and naturally deep) waters of Pemba Bay have become a mecca for SCUBA divers.
  • Gorongosa National Park
Marking the deep southern reaches of the East African Rift Valley, the dry and dusty landscapes of the Gorongosa National Park occupy the very heart of Mozambique. In fact, the rolling savannah and grassy hills here have been a designated reserve since the days of Portuguese rule, when they were a private game reserve for the colonial luminaries of the day. In the 60s the spot was converted into a fully-fledged national park, and now it’s hailed as perhaps the finest safari destination in the country.
  • Tofo
A wide and sunny arc of powdery beige sand carves its way along the shoreline to the north and south of tropical Tofo. Meanwhile, the turquoise-blue rollers of the Indian Ocean buffet the bays, snorkelers and swimmers whiz through the shallows, and bobbing fishing skiffs house smiling locals.
  • Quirimbas National Park
The Quirimbas National Park is the great natural jewel of Cabo Delgado Province. It spills down from Mozambique’s northern mountain plateaux and into the waters of the Indian Ocean. Along the way there are great swathes of montane forests, savannah plains and endless mangroves, not to mention some sparkling coral reefs ringing the shoreline where the reserve extends into the sea.
  • Island of Mozambique
Believe it or not, this tiny speck of land that languishes out in the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean was once the very epicentre of Portuguese East Africa. Raised to greatness by the European traders and merchants that came its way around the cape, it became an important hub for commerce and admin during the 16th century. Consequently, there’s now a clutch of interesting colonial builds, like the old town fortifications, a charming whitewashed hospital and the Church of Santo António.
  • Inhaca Island
Facing the capital of Maputo across the waters of Maputo Bay, the small fragment of land that is Inhaca Island is a curious little treat, and a perfect choice for day trips to escape the heat of the city. Not too long ago (just seven millennia or so) it was actually a part of the East African mainland, while today it flounders out between its blooming gardens of corals.
  • Ponta do Ouro
Ponta do Ouro is a breath of fresh ocean air, located just 10 kilometers by road from the South Africa border and butting up neatly to the deep-blue Indian Ocean. A sleepy fishing town at heart, the place beats with the energy of some local tavernas and bamboo beach shacks. These draw a small but uber-friendly crowd of swimmers and snorkelers and surfers during the high season.
  • Vilankulo
Vilankulo is worth a mention if only as the gateway to the aforementioned beauties of the Bazaruto Archipelago. But not only for that either, and if you come here to linger a little before hopping aboard one of the bobbing dhows that wait on the shore, then you’re in for a laid-back treat. Yep, this chilled seaside spot is also home to a clutch of its own campsites and leaning bamboo shacks, a lively local marketplace and beer bars.

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