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IATA Delay Codes / Airline Delay Code were created to standardise the reporting by airlines of commercial flight departure delays see below Flight Delay Code.

Modification (CHG) Messages :

  • (CHG-ABC123-NZAA2300-VTBS-DOF/091120-16/VTBD1151 VTBD)
  • (CHG-ABC123-NZAA2300-VTBS-0-16/VTBD1151 VTBD)
  • (CHG-ABC123-NZAA2300-VTBS-DOF/091120-13/NZAA0045-18/DOF/091121) *

*Note: if changing DOF insert the complete content of Item 18 in Item 22

Flight Plan Cancellation (CNL) Messages :

  • (CNL-ABC123-NZAA2300-VTBS-DOF/091120)
  • (CNL-ABC123-NZAA2300-VTBS-0)

Delay (DLA) Messages :

  • (DLA-ABC123-NZAA2345-VTBS-DOF/091120)
  • (DLA-ABC123-NZAA2345-VTBS-0)

Departure (DEP) Messages :

  • (DEP-ABC123/A0254-NZAA2347-VTBS-DOF/091120)
  • (DEP-ABC123/A0254-NZAA2347-VTBS-0)

Request Flight Plan (RQP) Messages :

  • (RQP-ABC123-NZAA2345-VTBS-DOF/091120)
  • (RQP-ABC123-NZAA2345-VTBS-0)
  • (RQP-ABC123-NZAA-VTBS-DOF/091120)
  • (RQP-ABC123-NZAA-VTBS-0)

Request Supplementary Flight Plan (RQS) Messages :

  • (RQS-ABC123/A0254-NZAA2345-VTBS-DOF/091120)
  • (RQS-ABC123/A0254-NZAA2345-VTBS-0)

Arrival (ARR) Messages :

  • (ARR-ABC123-NZAA-VTBS1315)
  • (ARR-ABC123-NZAA0145-VTBS1315) **

** Note: include EOBT (Field Type 13b) if known

Flight Delay Code
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